Welcome to Nora Ghodsian's website.

First, a couple of testimonies to sweeten your palate:

Nora, your outlook has been inspiring and has certainly changed my view of what might be seen as mundane or unglamorous parenting tasks; allowing me instead, to see them as a privilege and opportunity.
— Heather L.
I first met Nora in 1999 when I was at the worst and lowest time of my life. I was so lost in my issues that I didn’t know who to turn to or if anyone could have helped, by the grace of God a friend gave me the name and phone number of a psychotherapist “Nora”.
I feel so blessed to have found Nora because her compassion and incredible skills of psychotherapy has given me my life back! When in need of help and guidance finding the right therapist is everything”.
— Z. Miller


I have close to 40 years of professional experience in helping individuals, couples and families through my Private Practice and Consultancy. 

I have been involved in the field of Mental Health and Wellbeing since the late 70's in the USA.

I graduated from UCLA (University of California Los Angeles) in 1988.

I have been a Licensed Psychotherapist in California since 1992; a Consultant to clients; and a Supervisor to other colleagues (Psychiatrists, Psychotherapists, Psychopharmacologists, Educational Psychologists, Marriage and Family Counselors) ever since. 

I am bilingual (Farsi) and have lived, studied and worked in Iran, USA and UK, and am accustomed to the social ideals, customs and practices of both Eastern and Western cultures.

My services include _but not limited to _ meeting together to help you with:

  • Self-exploration _ relationship with self and others
  • Emotional Detoxing and Moving On
  • Designing Your Life
  • Parenting Guidance and Consultancy _ from expectancy to "empty nest" and beyond
  •  Self-assertion _ for children, teens and adults