Background & Professional Experience

 I received my Graduate degree in Political Economy in UK in 1977.  I attended U of M (University of Michigan) and then UCLA (University of California Los Angeles) and graduated in 1988, followed by a two year Post Graduate Fellowship Program at Cedar Sinai Mental Health Clinic in Los Angeles California, before becoming eligible to sit for and pass a series of rigorous exams in order to receive my License to Practice Psychotherapy in 1992. Among other achievements, I have attained qualification in Child, Adolescense and Family Wellbeing from Tavistock Foundation in London.

I have worked extensively with diverse groups of people in both Public Oganisations, as well as in my Consultancy/Private Practice.

I have had the privilege and the experience of working with:
-Nursery School Children and Toddlers in Play Therapy,
-Young Adults,
-the Elderly and Geriatric population (individually and in groups)
-Conjoint and Couples,
-Traditional and Blended Families
-diverse Ethnic and Cultural backgrounds; and with a range of psycho-social issues.

I have also initiated and conducted many Groups in group therapy settings for specific and more general issues.

I currently conduct support groups for:

  • Couple who are considering to have a baby
  • Expecting Parents
  • New Parents or Families with second or third or more children
  • Blended families
  • Seasoned parents who want to further enhance the quality of their family lives.

I conduct a series of workshops for Parents of children of all ages: MIND THE Connection GAP: Parenting from Your Higher Self



I am the author of an upcoming book : Parenting by Design: How to Parent with awareness and from Your Higher Self; maximizing the Joy of Family Life and Minimising F**king up the Next Generation.

I have done extensive clinical work and research on Immigration and Life TransitionsMeaning of Immigration for Iranian Jewish Women in Los Angeles is the title of my Graduate degree thesis.