"Just knowing Nora is a life changing experience"
Patrick Andrews (Philosophy Student)

I have known Nora Ghodsian for 30 + years. She has always been a LEARNER -open, flexible, mindful, focused and aware. I do believe she can help others to learn.
K. M. Kolodziejski , MSW, Ph. D. UCLA Emerita

"Nora has an original and uplifting approach. Her thoughtful insights have helped me think more positively about many things, from parenting to negotiating conflicts. Her words of wisdom and practical advice often come back to me when I'm facing a difficult situation. You can tell that she loves what she does and is extremely good at it. I can't recommend her more." (Catharine P. )

"Nora's outlook has been inspiring and has certainly changed my view of what might be seen as mundane or unglamorous parenting tasks; allowing me instead, to see them as a privilege and opportunity".
Heather Lyons

Nora is a remarkably perceptive, caring and insightful individual. She is selfless with her time, experience and perspective. Time spent with Nora is always enriching and leaves one in a place of greater strength, awareness and clarity.
 Allison C

"I first met Nora in 1999 when I was at the worst and lowest time of my life. I was so lost in my issues that I didn't know who to turn to or if anyone could have helped, by the grace of God a friend gave me the name and phone number of a psychotherapist "Nora".
I feel so blessed to have found Nora because her compassion and incredible skills of psychotherapy has given me my life back! When in need of help and guidance finding the right therapist is everything and I could not have found a better person than Nora!
Thank you for your compassion, thank you for your knowledge,  thank you for your guidance,  and thank you for everything you have done for me and many other people who needed your help!
With much gratitude,
Z. Miller"

    Nora has raised 3 children, all of whom are highly functioning adults.  Great success just by itself in this day and age.
She has skills and talents that resonate with others. People are most important to her.  
Nora was my supervisor through Cedar Sinai Hospital Thalians Mental Health Center in Los Angeles where I completed a year's counseling internship under her excellent guidance.  
Nora is able to transmit key understandings of life that frees people to experience and grow.                    Myrna Specktor, LCSW

I find Nora Ghodsian to be a compassionate listener and a wise adviser, ever since I have come to meet and know her. She has a penetrating intellect and a strong intuitive instinct and can see straight through to the heart of a complicated issue. (Simon S.)

“Nora Ghodsian is exceptional with young children.  She has a real knack of meeting them on their level, and establishing a connection of trust in a short time.  She holds parenting as something of huge value, and to be cultivated with care.  I feel confident that any parent could gain from spending time with Nora." (Andrew S. )

" I have knownNora Ghodsian for many years   as a  compassionate, wise, and effective psychotherapist. She has the life experience and  educational background  to be a truly gifted helper ." 
(I. N. PhD. )