My Work, My Passion

Being a Psychotherapist has been challenging, rewarding and a privilege for me.

During my close to four decades of involvement in the field of Mental Health, I have come to listen to, guide, sit and stand by the side of diverse groups of people with a whole range of everyday and / or lifelong issues.

I have had the privilege of guiding and witnessing many : 

Teens and young adults that have chosen to become more resilient in life; 

individuals who continue their life journey with more confidence, courage and satisfaction; 

couples who regardless of living together or apart, have developed more understanding and respect for each other and their relationships; 

families who have chosen to be more open and less scared to communicate, voice and express and at times meet each others’ needs and desires within the family system; 

groups where each member learned more about who they are, who they want to be, and how they function in the world by default. That they are not alone with unique issues. Feeling empowered _ and with the help and support of the group _ they reconsidered their old ways of being and CHOSE new ways, values and beliefs; leading them to experiencing a higher quality of life.

To have people to come to trust me and feel safe in my consulting room (and on occasions in their home and/or office environment); to open their hearts and share their thoughts, wishes, ideals, frustrations, pain and joy has been an utmost privilege for me in my over thirty years of professional life.  

My motto:  Learn to swim in Winter, by Summer it is too late. It is extremely hard to manage our unidentified emotions when we are already faced with a crisis. Best to prepare ourselves before an event or disaster.

To have a seasoned Guide in one’s life to:

  • consult with;
  • evaluate and refine our values;
  • help us develop new skills;
  • help us stay aware and awake;

can make this Journey of life more delicious, smoother, pleasant and luxurious.

This would be my role, my offer to you to stand by your side and guide you towards your aspiration of an even better life, with more grace, and with all the joy and pain it might entail.